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Peter recently went to film school and has some exciting new projects to talk about, as well as GenCon, board games, story games, and a few other things.

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Judd's been on a hiatus from gaming while he gets his post school life sorted. We talk about this and, of course, just about anything else that comes up. Sorry about the hum, my recording setup has gone backwards a bit after leaving things fallow for too long. Judd's gaming blog. Lots of new goodness lately.

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Clyde wanted to talk about the dickwolves debacle and Mickey was here to talk to him about it. I only had dumb rants and cheerleading to add. Should this have been an episode of Polimicks? I dunno, but here you are.
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Lukas and I got together on a sunday afternoon to take a look back at some story/forge/indy/not-new-but-getting-the-attention-deserved-now concepts and see how they've changed the way we look at games.

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I recorded all of this episode with my new Zoom H2 recorder, which I'm quite fond of, but I'm also still learning what it is and isn't capable of and its myriad settings and functions, so some of this is pretty raw. Thankfully due to Levellator the audio is less spiky and ear-hurty.


GPNW was a blast and a half and if you can fit it into your schedule next year i highly recommend it.

All hail the loudness of Paul Riddle.


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Kevin and I mull over the question: When IS is ok for a game designer to bitch about the way people play and critique their games?

We also dork out about games, podcasts, and a tv show full of sex and blood and Lucy Lawless.

Here's the link to The Walking Eye podcast, of which kevin is one of the many hosts

and here's a link to Actual People, Actual Play which is a great new cast by some great people, including my friend Will Huggins who you may remember from the show he, Ryan Macklin, Mickey and I recorded two GPNWs ago.

For everything else? Google! It's your friend!

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This is the second part of the long overdue and, indeed, long cast I recorded with Epidiah, in this half we talk about tactile elements in games. I also pick his brain about Time and Temp.

Oh, and go to his space on the weband look around.

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Ok, I've taken way too long to put this up. I did however, move during the holidays. What a nightmare.

So, Epidiah Ravachol had a good long conversation a while back and this is the first of the twohours we recorded.

We talk about his job and mine, briefly about the games hobby "industry," and talk about Dread and how it was designed.

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Mickey and I had a skype conversation with my friend Hans. We talked about the differences he saw between the gamer community we're a part of and the christian community he grew up with. Not as heavy as it sounds.


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Brennan and I sat down the night before Halloween and talked about his games, game design and Halloween plans, as well as certain kinds of designs we'd like to see more of.

Brennan's site

and IPR, your source for independently published games


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The Wicked Dead Brewing company

John's blog

Learn your Pro wrestling history


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Stabbing Contest episode 028 (Nicotine Girls with Joel Shempert)

Art by James V. West. Joel's gaming blog

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Too long and blah blah blah.

Scott Dunphy and spent some time earlier this summer talking about rpgs, podcasting, board games, and the phones constantly ringing.

Scott's show is quite good.

If you're interested in more actual play podcasts, go here I highly recomend Virtual Play, the Walking Eye, The Game Master Show, and the Myth Weavers.

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I had a chance to chat with Luke Crane earlier this spring. I finally managed to get the several files strung together and sort of edited. Skype was being shitty that day too.

Here's the link for Burning Wheel and Mouse Guard (same link).

There's not a thing mentioned otherwise that you can't search for on google.


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I'm joined by Zeke from the Brilliant Gameologists, as well as Mickey.


Brilliant Gameologists
Luke Crane/Burning Wheel/Mouse Guard/et all
Power Thirst
Sign in Stranger
The Durham Three
Magical Land of Yeld Panty Explosion Classroom Deathmatch Sea Dracula

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This is a fun show. I sat down at the Indie Hurricaine table on sunday afternoon and recorded this with Carl, Leslie, And Andy, Later Gilbert, Nathaniel, and Willem dropped by.

Willem dropped some serious learning method. It's interesting to hearme totally not get it for awhile. I almost decided to edit in a big DING sound when I finally figure out what he's talking about.

I had detailed show notes, but then some crazy shit happened to my machine and it shut me down. If you need links ask me after you ask google, because that's what I ask.

Sorry about the long wait. I'm not podfading, I'm just a lazy procrastinator.

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Yes, I do know the word is Christianized.
Settlers of Catan

No grognards were harmed during the recording of this episode.
Yes, I do know the word is Christianized.
Settlers of Catan

No grognards were harmed during the recording of this episode. More's the pity.

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No editing, no show notes, just the way Macklin LOVES it.
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That's right, you other shows that go off topic and ramble, you ain't got nothin' on us.



Eee PC
Burning Wheel/Mouse Guard RPG
Bear Swarm!
The Brilliant Gameologists
The Trapcast
This Modern Death
Independant Insurgency
Sons Of Kryos
The Tav
The Podgecast
2D6 Feet in a Random Direction
Unhallowed Metropolis
Canon Puncture
Master Plan with Ryan Macklin
Girl Genius
Spirit of the Century
Classroom Deathmatch
Little Fears
Call of Cthulhu
Barbarians of Lemuria

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Ed and Curt are guys I've gamed with for quite awhile, 20 years in the case of Ed, and 15 in the case of Curt.

Mickey and I have been gaming with them on Sunday mornings over Skype, so after a sunday morning session we decided to record and reminisce.

WARNING: extreme nostalgia!

No show notes, sorry, I have a really crappy headcold.

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Ok, I was about halfway through a detailed show note when my laptop froze up on me. It's been doing that often, and I just don't want to throw it through the television in a fit of rage.

So, no show notes for you.

Reply here if there's something you absolutely cannot live without, or learn to use Google.

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We had the good fortune for Rob Bohl to come out and spend a little over a week with us. During this time we got to play a little Misspent Youth, and then we recorded this episode I think the next day.

This time you get some real show notes.

All Your Base Are belong To Us
Rob's game Misspent Youth
Rob's show
Battlestar Galactica as if you don't know
Pete Venters
Rock Band
Ben Lehman
Raven Minmura
Ambercon NW
Chronicles of Amber
Solar Babies
Max Headroom
Burning Wheel
The Shadow Of Yesterday
Spirit of the Century
Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
Cory Doctorow
PTA or Prime Time Adventures
The Robert Bohl forums at the Forge
The Forge
Kthulhu Kitsch
This Modern Death
Judd Karlman

Edited to add: The Brilliant Gameologists

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Sorry about the long delay, I guess this just happens to podcasts in the summer.

I was writing show notes for this episode and it occurred to me that there wasn't anything in there that I hadn't listed in numerous other shows.

So instead, go read about HotB.
Houses of the Blooded

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Clyde emailed me and said he had some issues he wanted to talk about, I thought that was cool so we went ahead and recorded.

Clyde has issues. Ha! Well, don't we all. Mickey's column. Her cast. Their homepage.  I, um, think this is the show Clyde was talking about. I'm a dick and still haven't listened yet. Me=lazy dick.

Edit: It's actually Game Kennel. Thanks to Clyde for pointing that out. episode 12 of the Digital front by Daniel Perez where he interviews Don Dehm. The Voice of the Revolution Yup, it's a comic starring Calvin Ayres. I am not making that up.
I am not linking Levis, Band-Aids, or Kleenex. They get enough advertising. Canon Puncture. Made of awesome. Seriously, go listen.

Then Clyde and Mickey talk and I listen. Then I open my mouth and... well I think I sound like a tool, but I kind of always do, so... make up your own mind.

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At Go Play NorthWest '08 I got a chance to run Don't Rest Your Head for Ryan Macklin of the Master Plan, and then we went to his room, drank scotch and rambled all over the place.

No, you don't get editing, nor do you get show notes. You just get us, drunk, off-topic, and did I mention drunk?

Hey, it's your fault for listening to this show.

(if you really need a link to something post here, and I'll do something about it. Maybe).

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Mick Bradley and I talk about gamer mid-life crises, and a whole lot else. Oh, and you can hear me snacking because I had just gotten home from work.

He had his video feed going which helped with us talking over each other. I think I need a cam. It really helps when the conversants can see each other.

Show Notes:
The Harping Monkey

The Game That May Be

vegas After Midnight

Virtual Play

Role Monkeys

The Fnordcast

The Voice of the Revolution

SonS of Kryos


Prime Time Adventures

The Game Master Show

Steal Away Jordan

Have Games, Will Travel

A Penny For My Thoughts

Don't Rest Your Head


How We Roll


Spirit of the Century

Dresden Files RPG

Jenn Rodgers



7th Sea

Apples to Apples

Ron Edwards


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Sam Chupp emailed me and said "hey, let's do this podcast together like we've talked about." Who am I to resist such a charming fellow as Sam, huh? So we Skyped and recorded. Mickey and Deke were over because the three of us were heading out for dinner and then to go see New Model Army play at a local venue.

Great stuff, yeah? Well here comes the not so cool part. That night when we got home and were unwinding so we could get a few hours of sleep before a very long day I SPILLED CUP'O'NOODLES BROTH ONTO MY LAPTOP!! Oh fuck, oh no.

The upshot is that my sound device is kaputski.

So this episode is unedited, late, and unlistened to. I tried to send the files to my wife's laptop, but I would have had to send the Audacity data files one by one, and that's tedious as all get out.

So if the sound quality sucks here, I aplogize, and if the unedited portion where Sam loses his connection is irritating, sorry about that too.

Remember, at Stabbing Contest, professionalism is job... um 28 or so?

The Bear's Grove podcast which gets better with age like good cheese.

Dragonkin where sam talks about kids and gaming.

I know there were things i was going to put in the notes, but dammit I would rather just get this up seeing as it's stupidly late.

If you need links to anything, please leave a comment and i'll reply with the link.

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Shaenon Garrity
chuck austen
Story games (again)
the Forge (again)
Scott Pilgrim
The Boys
Astro City
Northwest Circle, no link. If you're in the Northwest ask me for an invite over email.
Tony Dowler
Chocolate cake!
Paul Czega
Ron Edwards
Vincent Baker
Meg Baker
Emily Care Boss
Scott Sigler
Look for Bliss Stage and Polaris links in the last show's notes.
Alternate Reality Games
Deeper In The Game


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I had the chance to sit down with Ben at his table and talk about all manner of things. We talked for about two hours so I broke this into two episodes.

Show Notes:

Tao Games

Ben's old blog

Edible Dirt

Story Games forum

The Mutualism thread

The episode of Theory From The Closet that spawned it

Mutualism group hug thread

With Great power...


The Forge forum

Riddle of Steel

Hungry, desperate, and Alone

Charnel Gods

Game Chef

My WWII game thread

SG Names Project

The Dreaming Comics and Games

Indie Press Revolution

Dont Rest Your Head

Faery's Tale

Prime Time Adventures

Shooting the Moon and Breaking the Ice


Dogs In The Vineyard

SLC Punk



Warhammer Fantasy Battles

World of Warcraft

Independant Insurgency episode with Epidiah Ravachol

G.I. Joe Specifically the 6" G.I. Joes Ben and I grew up on.

Snake Eyes

Silent Interlude

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Sorry about the sound on this one. Kevin's a little quiet, and I should've asked people not to mess about on the table while recording.

Some really good stuff here. Especially early on when we talk about wanting characters to fail.

Show notes:


Bruce Sterling

William Gibson

What's a mary-sue?

Spirit of the Century

The FATE system


221B Baker St. 

Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective:

Glenn Cook:

Jake Garrett P.I.

Greeter the comic:

Comfort Guides:

Mickey's Cassanova game, or at least a thread about it

Jersey Boys, a musical about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

the Flaming Taft game thread

2300 AD

John Wick's Thirty

My WWII game thread, which I need to update with things that have changed during playtest

Mick Bradley's The Game That might Be

The Godzilla Gaming Podcast

Sons of Kryos

Independent Insurgency the home of Rob Bohl

I left out some co-hosts of these shows, and I'm sorry for that. Cam, Jeff, and Storn are awesome.


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Stabbing Contest episode 009 Conquest NW saturday after action report with Lukas Myhan, Joe McDonald, Jordan Whateverhe'scallinghimself, Marcy, Deek Murtaugh, Mickey Schulz, Chris Vermeers, and myself.

We holler and fuss and yell and rage about games and get all silly after a day of lots of intense gaming.


Show notes:

Games played: In a Wicked Age

Princes Kingdom


Don't Rest Your Head


Jungle Speed

Doesteyevskyan Murder Ballad no link found

Two-Die or Trait System

The nonattending member of our saturday game, Jason pop by and tell him he sucks for not coming.

his hilarious webcomic

Conquest NW where we were

Mechaton which i bought from a lego vendor which was extra unexpected and extra rad

Lego lik you needed this link


Dreamation a con I call mecca

Cafe Game Exchange

Age of Quarrel an album by the Cro-Mags that came up for some reason



Victorian Adventure Enthusiast

the worlds coolest dice box does not come up on the Container Store's website. Do they know the sales they're missing?


Polaris and Bliss Stage


The Shadows of Yesterday


Whew, you can do a lot of notes when you're home with stomach flu.

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A little late because I left my mic in Wenatchee wat my folks house.

I hadn't set up a recording session because of said missing microphone, but Judd and I were chatting, and then Skypeing, and, well, what the hell, we did a cast.

This was a really good time.

Show notes, of which some are just extrapolations off a theme, not direct references:

The Scorpions

Evil Hat Productions makers of Don't Rest Your Head

John Kim's excellent gaming page

Shock: Social Science Fiction

Push: New thinking about roleplaying

Ambercon US, which jen actually can go to

Ambercon NW my favorite con of the year

Mortal Coil

Carry: A Game About War


Hey, if you like the show, let me know. Commetn here, or drop me a line at


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Robert Bohl of The Independant Insurgency and I go for about an hour. This was a lot of fun as Rob and I have a lot of things in common.

I aplogize for all the "Are you there? Did I lose you?" crap. Skype wasn't being our best friend that day.

Show notes: Rob's Show, which rocks.

Hub City Stompers, His theme music providers.

I Would knife Fight a Man. Here's a little warning, read all the stickys, seriously.

In A Wicked Age Lots of fun.

Dog Blog, Matt Wilson's design blog where you can read about Galactic.

The Master Plan episode with luke Crane.



Direct download: Stabbingcontestep007.mp3
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This is the second part of my lengthy ramble with Clyde from Theory Form the Closet and Discussion from the Closet.

We wander even further around gaming and talk about counter-culture and it's influence on gaming and the story games community.

A few brief show notes.

Go Play Northwest

Conquest Northwest

Gamestorm in Vancouver WA


Forge Midwest

Double Exposure, the umbrella orginization for Condex and Dreamation

Ok, that seems to take care of the really important stuff. It's late and I have holes to drill in concrete tomorrow, so if i left anything out, please forgive me.

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So Clyde Rhoer and I talked for over two hours the other night, and this is part one of that conversation.

Show notes: Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax were the creators of D&D. I remembered Dave's name about a half hour after we wrapped up. this is a pretty good article. I got well distracted reading it while i should have been posting these notes. contains a bit of the Game of Thrones story. Rob Bohl's new podcast. Cracking good! Clydes awesome show. Check out his latest post where he pimps his new awesome show Discussions From The Closet.

That's all for now, and I just realized that i have again neglected to point out that websites and email address on air. for those who'd like to email me from here.

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Well, sorry for the delay, but the holidays make it a bit difficult to get together with co-hosts.

And, on with the show notes.

Two games we mentioned during our conversation about board games when we were kids that you may not have heard of are The Farming Game, and Scotland yard.

Gloom, an excellent witty card game

Bang! A western game about shooting each other!

The Kenneth Hite episodes of Have Games, Will Travel can be found on this page

Kublacon the Khan of cons, where Jules runs a game design contest


Phoenix, a former winner of that KublaCon contest

Russian Rails, by former winner Jodi Soares (though not the entry she won with)

Time's Up, Jules and I's favorite party game

Apples to Apples, another great party game

Are You a Werewolf, which I'm not so crazy about, but Jules loves

Paranoia, my favorite pick-up rpg and the design blog

Days of Wonder a great games company who make Ticket To Ride, Colosseum, and other games we mention.

The Vintage Gamer, by Jim Van Verth, an excellent and informative podcast that's made me track down and buy a few things

Asmodee Games, who make Mall of Horror, Cash and Guns, and Jungle Speed

Suicide Bomber Card Game

A thread with links about luke Crane and Jared Sorensen being hired by Hidden City Games, the makers of Bella Sara

Bella Sara, the greatest pretty horses game ever

The Origins Awards

Cheapass Games



Multiman Publishing, Lu Ann Youse isn't listed as a designer like I'd thought, sorry. Sounds like she gets stuck playing "adult" in that company a lot.



NerdNC (not mentioned)

Emerald City Game Feast in Seattle WA

Go-Play NW

The Wayward, a coffee house in the Greenwood area of Seattle.

The Dreaming, my favorite comic and game store.

Whew, that was a l;ong one, and I had to leave some things out. It seems Jules and I are name droppers. Heh.

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Episode Three wherein Judd from the Sons Of Kryos and I talk about all manner of things, and Mickey chimes in once in awhile.

About an hour and nine minutes, and about 66mb.

I think my New Years resolution is to try to stop myself from saying "y'know" as much, y'know?

Also: note to self. Do not move mic during recording and do not let someone type at her laptop next to the mic. I'm still figuring these these things out, but those should have been obvious to me.

Some show notes: Judd, Jeff, and Storn's show.

John Wick's lj where he talks extensively about houses of the Blooded. Don't Rest Your head, again. I love this game so much. Home of the Burning Wheel. An awesome game to read and an awesomer game to play. Hateful nasty orcs, ooooohhh!

Speaking of awesome Prime Time Adventures is made of magic fairy crack.

We then talk quite a lot about the upcoming D&D 4th edition and about how we're getting out information about it.

One of those places is and another is my good friend Alex Chobot, who you'll hear on an upcoming show. hopefully soon.

We talk a little about The Star Wars Saga edition, which is somewhat of a playtest for 4E.

We also talked about how Alex and i want to break in 4E with a homebrew Spelljammer ( ) campaign. We didn't even get to talk about the angel drives. I guess we'll get to that when I do a show with Alex.

Another place to get your 4E straight dope is

We talk briefly about social combat, which leads to talking about geek attractiveness, and no conversation on that subject is complete without mentioning Gamer: The podcasting, and Sasha's awesome hair.

We also talk quite a lot about the Story Games forum, as I often do.

We get into the subject of games that bring up heavy subjects, and we talk about Carry and Grey Ranks also Death's Door And Steal Away Jordan

We mention Under The Bed

We talk bout GURPS as I tend to a lot

In The Statement: Play Other Games we talk about boardgames as well as rpgs and Arkham horror comes up as well as Shadows over Camelot.

We also talk about the super-rad card game Jungle Speed

Then we talk about running games for kids and mention Faery's Tale and Cat and Monkey Wrench, which I couldn't find a link to. I suck.

We also mention the Sam Chupp has talked about gaming with kids extensively over at The Bears Grove. He has most of those shows in their own section now.

So that about does it. Feel free to leave comments here or at Thanks for listening. we had a great time recording it.


Judd sent me some more show notes.

Monkey Wrench is here. It appears to be the whole game.

Here's the ap for Judd's hateful hateful orcs game.

Thanks, Judd.

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This one's a bit chaotic, but it's always a bit chaotic when my co-host and best friend Jordan Block get together.

This comes in at about 1hr,05min and is about 60mb.


Sepiachord, Jordans steampunk music site:

Victorian Adventure Enthusiast, his Victorian gaming site, which will hopefully have some content soon:

Uchronia, a Victorian rpg the jordan is translating with the help of the authors:

Forgotten Futures, by Marcus Rowland. An amazingly huge site chock full of content:

Da Yoopers, Michigan's upper penninsula's greatest band:


I know this one sounds a bit rough. Jordan and I get a little goofy together and we've always had the bad habit of talking over each other, but I hope it comes through just how much fun we have at the same time.

As always, thanks for listening and comment here, or email at


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It's my first podcast. Welcome to the show. This one is rated not for young audiences and wear your headphones at work due to coarse language and some frank talk about sexuality.

My co-host this episode is my lovely wife, Mickey, and we have a lot of fun figuring this thing out.

Some notes: The webcomic where you can find the cartoon that gave me the name is Edible Dirt by Matt Rosemier.

In fact, here's the specific comic.

I mentioned my workplace. I hope i didn't give the idea that I was involved in design or development, because I actually work in production. I turn hot metal into miniatures.

Eos Press producers of Unhallowed

Geek Girls Rule, my wife's geek collumn and Media Gauntlet where it's hosted as a feature

Valerie Strangiato, her sex advice site

The free short version of the Two-Die system

The Zorcerer of Zo

Faery's Tale

Little Fears, looks like something is coming soon

Don't Rest Your Head

Prime Time Adventures

Carry: A Game About War

GURPS which I still love to pieces.


Some of the podcasts I mentioned and a few I forgot.

The Voice Of The Revolution

The Score

Theory From The Closet

Master Plan

Sons Of Kryos

The Dragon's Landing

Gamer: The Podcasting

The Vintage Gamer

Have Games, Will Travel How did i forget to mention this one?

And, also how could I forget the Durham 3?

A couple of cons mentioned Norweson, A Seattle area con. Ambercon Northwest in Troutdale Oregon


Hey, so It's really late, and I need to sleep. Feel free to email me your comments. Thanks.

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